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Chen-Hsuan Huang

I have always enjoyed various competitions and been particularly sensitive to win or lose. I am often able to see the mood and key moments of both sides in sports competitions, and can identify players with the potential to become superstars in the future.

During my university years, I switched from the physics department to the philosophy department, and also double majored in social work and minored in psychology. I have a certain understanding of various academic fields, and can make connections between them, grasp different ways of thinking about problems, and apply them in business management practice and sports fields.

In addition, in order to make more money in the stock market, I learned programming trading and enrolled in a Ph.D. program in computer science at National Taiwan University, studying financial quantitative trading strategies. During this time, I received the WorldQuant Gold Level certification but later withdrew from the program due to busy work.

After the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, I began learning spiritual therapy, including becoming a master in Angelic Reiki, as well as studying other spiritual therapies such as Usui Reiki, unicorn therapy, shaman, MCKS Pranic Healing and NGH hypnotherapy and so on.


Diploma in Class for the Math and Science Gifted, CKHS
BA in Philosophy, NTU
MS in Recreation and Sport Management, University of Tennessee
2019 WorldQuant Challenge Gold Level Certification
PhD student of Department of Computer Science & Information Engineering, NTU
Angelic Reiki Master Teacher (2021/03/28)

Topics available for consulting services

Financial trading strategy research and analysis, problem solving - philosophy/logical analysis, career planning/career choice, religious philosophy, mysticism, how to quickly improve your shooting percentage, how to quickly learn tennis serve, tips for winning sports, tips for winning board games, how to become a world class athlete


Hearthstone, 3rd place of TVK Taiwan Elite Tournament
Tennis, 2nd place of UTR International Ranking Tournament U9.0 Doubles
Soccer, 5th place of NE Chinese Soccer Tournament, Champion of the UTK Football League
Basketball, 3rd place of University of Tennessee Basketball 3-on-3
Chinese Chess, Ranked 11th in the FGS National Youth Tournament in 2003.
Table Tennis, 2nd place of Beitou Elementary School Interclass Tournament
Volleyball, 2nd place of NTU Freshman Cup Volleyball Tournament
Academic Achievement Award, NTU

Recommended books and reasons

The Bible
The Cloud of Unknowing
There Is Always Enough
Theta Healing
Power VS. Force: The Hidden Determinants of Human Behavior

Favorite motto

Even the smartest people cannot see the future, but dice can.

Favorite character in "Hunter x Hunter"

Machi Komacine

Cities that offer accommodation

Princeton, New Jersey
Taipei, Taiwan
Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Questions I've been thinking about lately

When will the WWIII occur?

Self-evaluation of competitive events

  • Basketball


  • Soccer


  • Board Games


  • Hearthstone


  • Badminton


  • Golf


  • Tennis


  • Chinese Chess


  • Volleyball


  • Table Tennis


  • Darts