Marster License 011

Yi-Jye, Tsai

Currently, I am a full-time mother and homemaker who tries my best to love the little and big dinosaurs at home and not let myself turn into an angry dragon too often. This job often makes me question my life, but the innocence and love of my children and husband can turn chaos into moments of happiness.


African Bible College Christian Academy (馬拉威)
NorthStar Academy (Online)
BA in English, NTNU
American TESOL Institute – TESOL Certificate
Columbia English – Natural Pronunciation Class Tutor
Ms.Lam School / Xinsheng Branch ─ English Teacher

Topics available for consulting services

English essay writing, essay revision, Chinese-English translation, free travel guide (Europe, East Africa, Turkey, Kiribati), relationship experience, how to let babies sleep overnight, taking babies and pre-school children abroad


Recommended books and reasons

Harry Potter 1-7 - A heartwarming story about friendship and love triumphing over death, a classic children's literature that everyone should read at least once in their lifetime.
The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes - peculiar yet delightful protagonist, unpredictable content, suitable for fans of suspense novels.
On Becoming Babywise - A must-read for parents with 0-1 year olds, this book allows you to quickly grasp the changes in your baby's first year and feel as boundless as the sea and sky once you get the hang of it

Favorite motto

There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven.

Favorite character in "Hunter x Hunter"


Cities that offer accommodation

Taipei, Taiwan

Questions I've been thinking about lately

How to save money?
Should we emigrate when the country is attacked ?
How to implement environmental protection in daily life?

Self-evaluation of competitive events

  • Swimming


  • Basketball


  • Netball


  • Tennis


  • Golf